International Maternal and Reproductive Health and Migration

Our aim

The aim is to develop practical solutions and provide evidence based knowledge to healthcare professionals and policy makers to improve the sexual and reproductive health and related services in a global perspective.

We follow a transdisciplinary approach in our research through engaging with relevant academic and non-academic stakeholders to shorten the distance between research and implementation of findings.

The research group consists of researchers from different academic disciplines and nationalities. This mix gives the group strength, width and depth that are crucial for quality and interdisciplinary research in an international setting.

The group is at the forefront of researching various aspects affecting the health of immigrants including refugees. Research projects carried out by the group range from identifying factors to promote health in immigration detention centers, exploring factors for successful reception and integration of unaccompanied minors to identifying challenges and solutions to improve the quality of sexual and reproductive healthcare services provided to immigrants in Europe. Our understanding of immigrants and their health in their home countries help us to better understand their challenges in Sweden and to find solutions - a logical part of global reproductive health.

The research group

The very nature of academic scholarship is  critical investigation and critical dialogue. Our interdisciplinary group explores, investigates and intervenes to improve the health of people and healthcare services in Sweden and countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Along with our partners, we learn and contribute to the society to promote health, especially sexual and reproductive health, and health within the context of migration.  We raise questions that are challenging, often paradoxical and unconventional, in order to understand the complexity of the concept of SRHR. We create bridges between countries and societies through exchange of knowledge and engagement with partners in the respective countries. 

Research group in pictures 2013 (in English)

Summary of the research group activities 2014-2016.

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