International initiative on migrant health data


In a collaboration with Uppsala University, the WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) has published new technical guidance describing why and how the member states can collect health data on refugees and migrants through their national health information systems (HIS). 

Soorej Jose Puthoopparambil, senior lecturer in global health at Department of Women's and Children's Health, is the lead author of this publication, which contains practical advice for integrating health and health-related variables into national and/or subnational HIS. He sees this as an important step in the direction of filling in gaps in knowledge regarding the health of refugees and migrants.

One proposal is to integrate a set of key variables into national HISs. This will make it easier to share data based on migration status and gain insights into the health status of refugees and migrants that can then be translated into effective public health programmes.

Read more about the publication at Uppsala University's newssite

Collection and integration of data on refugee and migrant health in the WHO European Region (2020)


Last modified: 2023-01-23