U-CARE presented new research videos at Reginateatern


Together with the production company Phosworks, U-CARE has produced research videos where members from U-CARE’s research group present their studies and projects. The videos were screened at Reginateatern on February 14 and will also be made available on U-CARE’s different channels. 

The aim of the videos is that more people should take part of the important research that is being made within the U-CARE research programme. In the first video, we meet PhD student Philip Leissner.

Philip Leissner is a licensed psychologist and PhD student within U-CARE and investigates the relationship between heart attacks and mental health, focusing on heart-related anxiety.

In upcoming research films, researchers from U-CARE will share their research and their work with everything from education to the development of the research platform, the U-CARE portal.


Last modified: 2023-10-23