Welcome to the Master's Programme in Global Health

The Master's Programme in Global Health prepares you for leadership in promoting global health. This programme equips you with skills to appreciate and analyse global health problems and to develop and evaluate actions to improve public health. 

On this webiste you will find interviews with current students, alumni and teachers as well as activities taking place within the programme.

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Interview with Kasperi Kilpi, 2nd year student

Meet Kasperi, a second year master’s student from Finland, who took part in the optional internship course during the 3rd semester of the programme. Learn about his work with Doctors of the World in Greece, supporting migration health.

Interview with Samira Dini, Alumni

Meet Samira, a recent alumnus of our programme who highlights what she appreciates about the program. She discusses her work at SIDA and her ambitions of continuing in international development cooperation in the future.

Interview with Evaristo, 1st year student

Meet Evaristo, a first year master’s student from Zambia who will explain why he chose Uppsala University. He highlights why the student life at Uppsala University is unique and why you shouldn’t hesitate to apply!

Interview with Mats Målqvist, professor in Global Health

Meet Mats, a professor at the Master’s in Global Health Programme who invites you to come and study at our programme. Hear about the focus of our programme and what makes it special, while glimpsing what winter in Uppsala is all about.

News from the Master's Programme in Global Health

Students from the Master's Programme in Global Health in 3rd place in Urban Health Case Challenge

On 27 November, 2020 a team of five students from Uppsala University participated in the Urban Health Case Challenge (UHCC), an initiative from the 4EU+ University Alliance.

The challenge was launched to address the impact that changing urban environments and demographic developments have on the health of our society. In third place came our own Uppsala team, which consisted of three students from the Master's Programme in Global Health (Regina Escher, Nicole Quattrini, Annette Ekblom), Master's Programme in Sustainable Development (Qianhui Yuan) and Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy (Neda Safa).

In total, fourteen multi-disciplinary teams, mainly consisting of Master's students, participated in a week-long virtual challenge. This year's topic challenged each team to work on a local solution to the issue "In your city, design a community intervention that strengthens resilience among vulnerable populations to overcome negative implications of covid-19 preventive measures."

Uppsala's team presented the "Grand-Pal system", which targets two vulnerable sections of the population: elderly and international students. This “buddy system” would establish communication channels and combat social isolation, which is a negative health impact due to the restrictions of the covid -19 pandemic. The potential of this system extends past the pandemic and could also target social isolation often felt by these two vulnerable groups here in Sweden.

The winners of the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge and video presentations

Master's program Global Health starting lunch seminar series

The Master's program in Global Health is starting a small lunch seminar series for the 1st and 2nd year students on career pathways in global health. 

This seminar series is created for students in the master's program in global health at Uppsala University and global health professionals in various industries will be able to share their experiences. This gives you an opportunity to hear about different career paths in global health. Welcome to come and learn, discuss and explore!

The first seminar with the theme "What happens after graduation? took place in February 2021 and 34 students participated (50% from the first year and 50% from the second year). The master's program provides an opportunity for students to explore opportunities for career paths and also network digitally.

Participants from the first lunch seminar, 4 February 2021

Last modified: 2021-03-12