Welcome to doctoral studies at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health

Doctoral studies constitute an important part of our departments’ activity with active research in multiple subjects. Information about doctoral studies is available at the faculty webpage. You can also find information, and local instructions for our department, in the links to the left.  Good luck with your doctoral studies!


Head of department – Inger Sundström Poromaa
Director of postgraduate studies at the department – Karin Enskär
Research education administrators

  • Hanna Taylor
  • Jessica Åsell (PhD students in obstetrics/gynecology)

OBS! Note that this page has moved. Except for information regarding the application for doctoral studies, it is now only available in the employee portal.

Application doctoral studies

Procedure for admission

Formal decisions about admission to graduate studies are taken by the Committee for doctoral education at the Faculty of Medicine. For them to handle the application it’s required to be approved by the department head. At the Department of Women's and Children's Health the head of department has delegated the task of reviewing all applications to the Research education group ("Forskarutbildningsgruppen", FUG). The members of this group are:

  1. To start the application process the PhD student should first create a new account and log in to the application portal. The supervisors writes the research plan (use this template) that the PhD student attach in the application. The application form should be completed by the PhD student with the help of the main supervisor.
  2. Once the application is complete, the PhD student is recommended to download and send the application as a pdf to the research education administrator via email. After any needed revisions, the PhD student submits the application in the system. It is then sent by the research administrator to the main supervisor for approval/comments by email.
  3. When the main supervisor has replied the research education administrator will start the internal review process in FUG. If revisions are required this is communicated back to the PhD student and main supervisor by email.
  4. After the application is approved by FUG the research education administrator will send it to the director of postgraduate studies who approves and thus sends it to the Committee for doctoral education. KUF normally meets once every month, on a tuesday. The director of postgraduate studies has to approve every application at latest on the friday 12 days before the meeting.
  5. After admittance to the doctoral education, the PhD student and the supervisors will make a revision of the individual study plan in a form and send it to KUF. The revised study plan should reach KUF within 6 months after admission (at 100% activity). See the post-registration seminar (PRS) as a part of this process at the department.

Meetings of the Committee for doctoral education (KUF)


Please note! KUF normally meets once every month, on a tuesday. The director of postgraduate studies has to approve every application at latest on the friday 11 days before the meeting. Before this, the application must also be reviewed internally in the research education group at the department (FUG).See the deadlines for sending in the application for the FUG meetings below. Also consider that the process might take several weeks in case there is something that needs to be supplemented. 

Deadlines for sending applications to FUG​​​

  • 29 April 2024 (for the next FUG meeting 7 May, deadline for the next KUF meeting 23 May 2024)
  • 28 May 2024 (for the FUG meeting 4 June)




Master degree. 240 ECTS credits of which 60 ECTS credits are required on advanced level. Education at the second level of relevance in the research field.

Announcement of PhD position

According to the Swedish law (Högskoleförordningen 7 kap 37 §) PhD positions should be announced unless one of the following exceptions are met:

  1. The PhD student is undergoing the education employed by an employer other than the university.
  2. The PhD student has previously started the education at a different university.
  3. If there are similar special circumstances.

Exceptions according to the third paragraph above can be done for a person with specific external funding intended for postgraduate studies and obtained in competition.

Financial plan

Planned funding should be given for 4 years (full-time) or 8 years (part-time). In the template document, specify which contributors who provide the financing and attach it to the application.

Research subject

Medical sciences


  • At least two supervisors.
  • At least one of the supervisors should be employed or co-opted to Uppsala University.
  • The main supervisor must have participated in the Research Training’s Supervisors’ Information Day. Read more at the faculty website. New main supervisors (after 1 July 2021) should also have attended the course "Research ethics for postdocs and researchers in medicine". Read more at Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB).
  • The main supervisor should be assistant professor (docent) or have this competence (docentkompetent) and apply for the docentur within a year after admission. In cases where the intended principal supervisor has not yet become a docent, the planned supervisor constellation must have been formally approved in a separate, attached supporting document signed by the head of the Uppsala University department at which the doctoral student will be registered.
  • The main supervisor should have experience of supervision, for example as an assistent supervisor or supervisor for masters students at graduate or advanced level.
  • The main supervisor should have attended a course in supervision.
  • The main principle is that the main supervisor should be employed or affiliated to the Department of Women's and Children's Health, and have the main part of their research here.

Attach certificate from the the Research Training’s Supervisors’ Information Day.

Attach certificate of absence from clinical duties for doctoral supervision if the main supervisor works at the County Council.


  • The examiner must be at least a docent.
  • Teacher employed by Uppsala University, also include adjunct.
  • Active in the department in which the doctoral student is registered.
  • Must have participated in the Research Training’s Supervisors’ Information Day. Read more at the faculty website.
  • The examiner and supervisor must be two different and independent people.
  • The examiner should not be examiner for too many PhD students (max 6 students), check this with FUG.


  • Should chair and participate in the Post-Registration Seminar.
  • Should participate in the yearly follow-up of the individual study plan.
  • Should sign for some of the PhD students credits in Ladok (for credits without any other responsible examiner).
  • Should be a possible contact person for the PhD student other than the supervisors
  • Is encouraged to participate in the halftime seminar.
  • The examiner may be chair of the public defence but may never be on the examining committee.

Head of department

Karin Enskär (Director of postgraduate studies at the department)

Research plan

Attached separately on 3-4 A4 pages (excluding references) written by the supervisors according to this template. The doctoral student are not allowed be involved in writing the project description before admission. The research should include 4 years.


Certified copy of qualifications must be attached. Transcripts from universities outside Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland will be sent to Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslerämbetet) for assessment.

Certificate of completed TOEFL test

English level 6 is needed for students with foreign education/degree, but not for students with a Nordic university degree, native English speakers or if the education is undergone in English. The latter should be verified with a certificate from the university in question or from Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslerämbetet).

Last modified: 2024-04-22