New research track called “Reproduction and Development”.


Beginning in autumn 2017, the KBH department will launch the new research track called “Reproduction and Development”.

This is in line with the reorganization of research education instigated by the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. Research education will be organized in nine tracks, of which Reproduction and Development is one. We are first in line to start activities, and the First Annual Meeting on October 27, Gunnesalen, 9.00 – 16.00 will mark the formal initiation of the program. Please see attached program.

Participation in this meeting will yield 0.5 credits, but if you also bring a poster, 1.0 credits will be awarded. The program is also open to PhD students from other department who have an interest in these questions, so please spread the word!!

Registration 13 October by email to Theodora Kunovac Kallak; Theodora.Kunovac_Kallak@kbh.uu.se


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