Impact planning canvas workshop på Zoom

Denna workshop riktar sig till forskare och doktorander som vill utforska och påskynda den långsiktiga effekten, eller genomslaget, av sin forskning i samhället. Vi presenterar en effektiv metod, impact planning canvas, för att planera och utforma ett projekt där forskningens impact finns med från början. Du kommer att få testa canvasen på ditt eget projekt med stöd av UU Innovations rådgivare.

Denna workshop ges på engelska.

To this workshop we welcome researchers and PhD students who want learn an effective method to structure their thoughts around research impact and get an overview of their research from an impact point of view.

Perhaps you are currently planning a research project or are struggling with the impact section in your research application? Perhaps you have a strong drive to create societal impact but simply don’t know where to start?

To have a plan in which beneficiaries, resources and stakeholders are outlined will give you a head start on successfully creating impact by being better equipped for future activities.

Join us in this impact planning canvas workshop to learn how to successfully plan for research impact.

In this workshop you will:
•    Be introduced to different types of impact and the impact planning canvas method
•    See examples of canvases developed from real projects
•    Apply the impact planning canvas method to your own project
•    Get individual guidance based on your own research contexts and goals

The workshop will be highly participatory and will provide practical knowledge, skills and a useful tool that can be used immediately.


Please register by 25 November.

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Impact planning canvas workshop på Zoom