Altmetrics and ways to strengthen your research impact

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: Rudbecklaboratoriet Gösta Hultquist, Rudbeck BV, C11
  • Lecturer: Börje Dahrén is a Ph.D. in Geoscience and a librarian with a focus on publishing and open science at Uppsala University Library. Maria Hägglund is senior lecturer in Health Informatics at Uppsala University and works actively to reach out with her research through various channels.
  • Organiser: U-CARE
  • Contact person: Oscar Blomberg
  • Seminarium

As the possibilities to disseminate and communicate research have increased, there has emerged a need to measure research impact that goes beyond number of citations in scientific publications. This type of alternative methods to measure research impact is called altmetrics, and Altmetric is a service that is an example of this.

In this seminar, university librarian Börje Dahrén and researcher Maria Hägglund will explain what altmetrics means and give examples of what researchers can do to strengthen their research impact.

The seminar is part of the U-CARE seminar series and open to everyone to attend. It will be in English, but it is perfectly fine to ask questions in both Swedish and English!