International Week

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  • Location: Mälardalen University, Västerås Campus Universitetsplan 1
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  • Organiser: Mälardalen University
  • Contact person: Sara Arvidson
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International Week aspires to be a platform for open and interesting dialogue on international collaboration for everyone interested in building a better world. The problems facing society are complex and we cannot manage them alone, we need to meet, discuss and address the challenges together.

International Week is being hosted in response to a divided world and the commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Recent evolution in different parts of the world shows that a lack of people-centred development is conducive to instability, conflicts, and democratic backsliding. We want to explore how research, innovation and technology can provide solutions.

The conference builds upon MDU's collaborative and progressive approach, drawing inspiration from a longstanding tradition of partnership between universities in Rwanda, Sweden, and across the globe. We believe that to solve the issues facing us globally we must bring people together. We wish to foster global and shared learning and responsibility – for a sustainable future.

During International Week 2024, we will bring together leaders from academia, politics, business, and civil society, to ask ourselves:

How do we collaborate internationally for a sustainable future?

What is the role of academia and research in this mission?

During the conference, we aim to:

Explore innovative research on AI and embedded systems and discuss the ethics of AI.

Discover the societal impact of technology.

Debate the responsibility of academia in our societies.

Address reconciliation in a divided world.

Reveal how to maximise the impact of research and science.

Identify current and future international partnerships.

Learn from ongoing business and research projects in Rwanda.

Create new partnerships and share ideas.

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