Uppsala Global Health Research on Implementation and Sustainability (UGHRIS)

The research group UGHRIS (Uppsala Global Health Research on Implementation and Sustainability) is an interdisciplinary research group that brings together researchers and doctoral students in global health and sustainable development from various academic areas, including medicine, health care, anthropology and educational sciences.

Based on the health of women and children in a global perspective, UGHRIS focuses on key issues for Agenda 2030; how policy and evidence should be put into practice, how we build sustainable health systems and societies and how we can reduce inequalities in health and survival. An important part of this endeavor is to work with transormative learning and education for sustainable developmen. Changing ways of thinking and behavior is a necessity, whether it is to improve the care of newborn children or to meet social, economic or ecological challenges.



The Oscar Price 2021 has been awarded to Associate Professor Ashish KC, researcher in the UGHRIS group. The Oscar prize is awarded to young scientists at Uppsala University “whose scientific writing is the most deserving and offers the greatest promise of continued academic achievements”. Ashish KC has evaluated the implementation of interventions for improved maternal and child health and his studies on how to increase quality of care for mothers and small children in resource-poor settings have gained international attention and influenced policy. We congratulate Ashish to this honor and are encouraged by his important and successful endeavors.


A doctoral position in global health at the Department of Women's and Children's Health has received 154 applicants from all over the world. The research project is partly funded by Uppsala Antibiotic Center and will compare the effects of interventions and guidelines related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with more targeted conventional interventions around antimicrobial resistance. The main applicants for the project are Peter Søgaard Jørgensson and Mats Målqvist.

- It is of course great with so many applicants, which shows the great interest in global health and the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, says Mats Målqvist, Professor at Department of Women's and Children's Health, research group; uppsala global health research on implementation and sustainability

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Networks and collaborations

Networking and collaboration is a necessity in order to meet the challenges facing humankind today. This is an indisputable standpoint for UGHRIS and below are some links to the group's collaborating partners.

UGHRIS has a close collaboration with SWEDESD, both within research as well as education. The research group is also the home for  SIHI Sweden (www.socialinnovationinhealth.org), and an actvie partner within Uppsala University Sustainability Initiatives (UUSI)

Akademic partners

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