International Child Health and Nutrition

The research group International Child Health and Nutrition, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University, conducts research within Global Health, with a specific focus on, but not limited to, improved health and survival of children and their families in resource constrained settings. Our prioritized research topics align with the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s Declaration for Human Rights, underscoring the importance of improving the health and survival of all children of the world, and the opportunity for all human beings to benefit from scientific achievements.

Main fields of research

The research group is part of the Pediatric University Hospital (Akademiska Barnsjukhuset) and Uppsala University, Uppsala. Our research projects are interdisciplinary and conducted in close collaboration with scientific partners in Sweden and abroad with a wide geographical distribution, from USA in North America to Japan in Asia, and from Sweden in Europe to South Africa in Africa.

Last modified: 2024-02-02