PREVENT research project

About the project

PREVENT aims to co-design, implement and test a tele-health coaching 
intervention with community outreach for the reduction of cardio-metabolic risk among highrisk population in Region Uppsala.

Project Description: It builds on the previous EU project (SMART2D: 2015-20) and uses a mixed methods approach comprising two parts:

  1. A co-design approach for a community outreach component by community stakeholders, participants and research team; and
  2. pragmatic randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of a staggered intervention that integrates tele-health coaching and community outreach.

The interdisciplinary consortium comprises two higher education institutions (Uppsala 
University and Karolinska Institutet), Region Uppsala and the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation specializing in co-design for system and policy transformations. Understanding the process and outcome pathways of innovative interventions to reduce cardiometabolic risk and improve healthy behaviours is important for their transferability, scalability and to
promote actions towards improving health equity.

The project is funded by:
The Swedish Research Council: 2022-2026 
The Uppsala Diabetes Centre: 2022-2025

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