The NeoKIP trial, Vietnam

Child survival has improved considerably since 1990. However, a persistent problem in many low- and middle-income countries has been a high neonatal mortality. Annually 2.8 million neonatal deaths occur worldwide (estimates from 2014) despite that three of four deaths could be prevented if available evidence-based interventions were used. However, how to translate these interventions into practice in an effective and sustainable way is still unclear.

This problem was addressed in a collaborative project in Quang Ninh province in Vietnam with researchers from Uppsala University (International Maternal and Child Health) and Dalarna University in Sweden and Uong Bi hospital in Quang Ninh, Ministry of Health and other actors in Vietnam. The study was a community-based cluster randomised trial - NeoKIP (Neonatal Knowledge Into Practice, trial registration ISRCTN44599712) - conducted in 90 communes in Quang Ninh province. After 3 years, the NeoKIP trial was completed in 2011. In the 44 intervention communes (vs. 46 control), laywomen from the local Women’s Union acted as facilitators, supporting stakeholder groups composed by primary care staff and local key persons in improving neonatal health. The rational for having Women’s Union representatives to enact the role of facilitators was to integrate the intervention into existing structures and thereby enhancing the likelihood of sustainability, but also for up scaling of the intervention. The NeoKIP intervention resulted in increased attendance to antenatal care and reduced neonatal mortality with 49% in the intervention communes compared with control communes (ORadj 0.51; 95% CI 0.30-0.89) after a latent period. The NeoKIP trial has so far resulted in 20 articles, 2 book chapters and 3 doctoral theses (by Mats Målqvist, Leif Eriksson and Nguyen T Nga). One PhD student is still in the process of using NeoKIP data (Duong M Duc). Sida was the main funder of this project and the Swedish Research Council has provided additional funds.

In 2014 we conducted a follow-up of the NeoKIP trial, three years after its completion, to assess the sustainability of the used approach. The evaluation included data on neonatal mortality rate, stillbirths, the local health system context, experiences concerning processes during the post-intervention period and factors that influence the sustainability of this kind of knowledge translation interventions. The Swedish Research Council and Uppsala University supported the NeoKIP follow-up.

In November (2014) the filmmaker Jakob Wallin joined the NeoKIP team to Quang Ninh province in Vietnam to document their achievements in improving neonatal health and survival. See the film:



Professor Lars-Åke Persson

Professor Uwe Ewald

Professor Lars Wallin

Associate Professor Mats Målqvist

Dr Leif Eriksson

Dr Anna Bergström

Dr Katarina Selling


Associate Professor Dinh Phuong Hoa

Dr Nga Nguyen

Mr Duc Minh Duong

List of publications

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