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Maternal and newborn health

Ongoing projects

Maternal mortality and severe obstetric morbidity in a globalised world

Earlier projects

”Near miss” and maternal mortality in a globalized world

Too many caesarian deliveries challenging safe motherhood?

Reproductive health and female genital cutting (FGC)

Ongoing projects

Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care among young people in a legalized context in Mozambique

Sexual health and female genital cutting amongst somali women living in Sweden

Sharing Actions and Strategies for Respectful and Equitable Health Care for Women with FGC/M

Understanding adolescent sexual and reproductive health in developing countries

Earlier projects

Accessibility and Acceptability of Medical Abortion and Contraception in Low-resource India

Genitals, gender and ethnicity: The policies of genital modifications

Infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART), with focus on surrogacy in Assam, India

Violence and health

Ongoing projects

Understanding fathers' roles in addressing urban child malnutrition in Addis Ababa: A Qualitative study

Violence among University students, exploring the phenomenon of ragging in Sri Lanka through the lens of intersectionality

Earlier projects

Intervention to increase university students’ knowledge on Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Sri Lankan Males Perspective of Gender

Migration and Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH)​

Ongoing projects

Migration and equity in sexual and reproductive health: The importance of dynamics in cultural and social values for improving practice through co-production

Providing culturally appropriate youth sexual and reproductive health services in Sweden: The role of cultural humility?

Sexuality & reproductive health in a migratory context

Earlier projects

Daily life and wellbeing of irregular immigrants detained in Sweden and other EU member states

Public support to unaccompanied children, experiences of Swedish families

Unaccompanied Somali refugee girls in Sweden, a follow up study

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