Gene-environment interaction effects on psychiatric vulnerability

In a number of clinical series or population-representative samples, we are investigating the importance of genetic signatures of relevance to childhood development, behaviour, and psychiatric vulnerability, considering longitudinal trajectories of gene-environment interactions.

Among others:

1. A longitudinal study of resiliency- and risk factors for mental health, in collaboration with prof. Svedin C.G. and Sydsjö G., Linköping University;

2. Multiple studies of biopsychosocial effects on psychiatric symptoms in populations of adolescents, in collaboration with prof. Nilsson K.W., Västerås Centre of Clinical Research;

3. Prospective studies of the effect of peripartum depression on the health of the mother and the child, in collaboration with assoc. prof. Skalkidou A., Uppsala University.

Last modified: 2022-01-18