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Development of 5-year survival in pediatric oncology in 1951-2015 in Sweden

Intensive research and the development of improved treatments for childhood cancer has resulted in a dramatic increase in survival over the past 50 years and approximately 85% of children with cancer survive today. Despite this success, childhood cancer is still the leading medical cause of death in children aged 1-15 years and of those who survive, up to 85% have some form of late complication. Today's pediatric oncology research aims to further improve survival rates, but also to reduce early (acute) and late complications. So-called precision medicine, which aims to make diagnostics and treatment more specific and goal-oriented through the use of, e.g., molecular genetic methods, is an important approach for achieving this. A national study with the aim of introducing these methods in healthcare is GMS Childhood Cancer, where Gustaf Ljungman is the leader of the clinical group and a member of the working committee,

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Last modified: 2021-12-15