Molecular genetics including pharmacogenetics

Molecular and clinical studies in childhood cancer with focus on leukemia
Ljungman, Gustafsson, Leijonhufvud et al.
Samples from patients with leukemia are analyzed with regard to genetic changes and the results are compared with changes found in the Guthrie cards. Another goal is to increase knowledge about the Torque Teno Virus (TTV) and if this virus affects the course of the disease in different pediatric oncology diagnoses. TTV will be analyzed with whole genome sequencing in sera from the time of diagnosis in approximately 500 children who have been treated in Uppsala and investigated with regard to if TTV can be used as a measure of immune function.

Pharmacogenetics in chemotherapy-induced toxicity in children with a focus on marrow toxicity
Ljungman, Hansson, Green, Wadelius, Paulsson, et al.
The overall goal of this project is to, by identifying different genetic variants that may increase the risk of chemotherapy-induced toxicity, improve the treatment with chemotherapy for children with cancer, thus reducing the risk of potentially life-threatening side effects and improving quality of life.

Last modified: 2021-12-14