Precision medicine

Pediatric brain tumor models (PDX) and treatment focusing novel targets as a complement to standard treatment
Swartling (IGP), Giraud, et al.
In preclinical models with xenografts, i.e. PDX or cell-lines, mice with implanted brain tumors can be treated with chemo- and/or radiotherapy or other novel targeted treatment to later be evaluated with CT, PET, MRI etc. The goal is that this information together with clinical information, with among other things sequenced tumor material, will lead to suggestions for individualized treatment.

Clinical mini-factory for individualized medication based on 3-D printer technique and nanotechnology in severe diseases
Paulsson, Ljungman, Liminga, Strömme, Bergström, et al.
In the treatment of children with severe diseases the appropriate dosage forms to administer the correct dose in a safe way are often missing. We plan to develop a hospital based function which will be able to deliver quality assured, well documented oral dosage forms (capsules) for a variety of drugs for individual dosage in children and later on also to other patients in need of personally adapted dosage.

Last modified: 2021-12-14