Reproductive Health

The Reproductive Health research group focuses on all aspects of reproductive health, with an aim of improving mental and sexual well-being of women at all ages.

Major depression and anxiety disorders are approximately twice as common in women as in men, and have their first onset peak during the childbearing years. Furthermore, a number of vulnerability periods for onset and deterioration of mood and anxiety disorders have been identified, including menarche, pregnancy, the postpartum period and the final years before menopause. The influence of ovarian hormones on major depression in women is suggested by their close relation to reproductive events and by the fact that sex differences are only evident during the childbearing years. Our research group is world-leading in the field of ovarian steroid interactions with the central nervous system, and the research program will shed unique light on the pathophysiological processes underlying the increased vulnerability to mood disorders that are associated with reproductive events.

Last modified: 2022-01-18