Rodolfo Peña


From fall 2017 IMCH offers a Master Programme in Global Health that prepares professionals with medical or other undergraduate degrees to play leadership roles in promoting global health. This program equips students from multiple disciplines and all continents with skills to appreciate and analyse global health problems and to develop and evaluate actions to improve public health. 

We offer health-related courses within the Master Programme in International Humanitarian Action (NOHA programme). This program is a multidisciplinary programme developed for personnel working in the field of humanitarian action. Participants study at several European universities collaborating in the programme.

Some of the Master courses may be taken as single-subject courses in the field of global nutrition, global sexual reproductive health and rights or in sociology of health and medicine.

Medical students, nurse students or physiotherapist students at Uppsala University may apply for an optional course in the field of global medicine.

Program och kurser
  • Global medicine
  • Master Programme in Global Health
  • Optional courses
  • Single-subject courses

Global medicine

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